A step into the unknown

So yesterday I decided to dip my toes into the rather scary waters of YouTube eeeekkk! It’s possibly the most awkward thing you will ever see but, hey everyone’s gotta start somewhere right?

I love watching YouTube so I thought I’d give it a go, it’s seems the next step on from my blog and I feel like hauls, reviews etc. will be better as a video rather than a blog post.

I’m hoping to post twice a week, I’m not sure on set days yet or even what my next video will be but I’m excited for the future.

If you are on YouTube please click subscribe (it’s free to do so) I would be extremely grateful.

Soooo here it is, please be nice!



2 thoughts on “A step into the unknown

  1. Just been on YouTube & watched your first ever video – it’s brilliant well done! I’ve not get got the confidence to do anything like that but I’m going to wait until my blog has been running for about a year (as you have) it’s as massive step forward to well done, I’ve given it your first thumbs up & subscribe 😄 good luck with everything! X


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