Rainy Day Activity – Underwater World

February 23, 2017

As I’m typing this, storm Doris is in full force, the wind and rain are pretty horrendous today and there’s no way I’m heading out in it, problem is staying in all day with a toddler can make you seriously beg for bedtime. So I thought I’d start sharing some of the activities we get up to on rainy days. I haven’t bought any special equipment, I just use everyday household items and toys.

Today I filled a tub with some warm water and added some fishes  and just let Ava play, I thought she would climb in but she sat there taking them out one by one, giving them a once over and then seeing how they splashed. This entertained her for about 20mins (equivalent to 2 hours in baby time!) I’m going to pick up some blue food colouring for the ‘sea’ and put some bubbles in for the ‘waves’ next time.

We talked about the different fish as she inspected them, the ones I knew the name of at least, must brush up on my fish knowledge!



Once she was bored splashing I put the fish on a towel for her to play with out of water, and gave her the box they came in, she loves putting things into boxes and then getting them all out again.


What are your favourite indoor activities?

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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