February 9, 2017

With winter and back-to-school season upon us there seems to be an influx of colds coming into the house, I thought I would share my tips on keeping little ones happy and entertained when the inevitable cold catches up with them.

Coping when little ones have a cold

There’s nothing worse than when your little ones get poorly, you can’t escape the guilt you feel that you can’t take their illness away but there are plenty of things you can do to cheer them up when they are feeling under the weather.

Home made movie night

Grab a soft blanket, your little ones favourite snacks (chocolate is totally aloud when you’re poorly right?!) and their favourite movies and snuggle down together. Nothing beats being cosy  when you are not feeling great, and little ones certainly need to rest in order to recuperate.


Spend the afternoon reading stories 

My little girl is a big fan of books so whenever she’s not feeling well, we always cuddle up and read some stories together, there’s just something so soothing about getting lost in your favourite book.


Imaginative play 

Whilst they may not be up to running around like usual they will probably still want to play,  when Ava is ill we stay nice and warm in her room and play with Ava’s cuddly toys, make up games using finger puppets and sing lots of nursery rhymes, with plenty of feel good cuddles thrown in.


My parents used to do the same things to make me feel better as a child too, and my Nan always used to give me a spoonful of butter and sugar but I’m not sure I’ll be handing down that tradition any time soon!

As part of the Vick’s tricks campaign, Vick’s have developed a series of magic trick videos for their YouTube channel, they are great fun and so simple and easy to replicate, the banana trick (below) is my favourite. You can watch all the videos here

Laughter is of course the best medicine as it boosts the immune system and a magic trip is sure to put a smile on anyones face.

The Vick’s consumer research team found thar over 52% of parents said that rest was the most important thing for making children feel better, with one in four parents choosing to pop on a favourite program or film to keep them entertained.

When we need an extra helping hand however nothing beats Vick’s VapourRub, it work to ease congestion, sore throats and coughs due to colds. Theres something so nostalgic about Vick’s VapourRub, my parents always used it on me when I was little and its something that I will go on to use with my children.

We have recently discovered Vick’s First defence nasal spray. When used at the first signs of a cold entering the house, the spray acts at the back of the nose directly where the cold virus takes hold and starts to develop. it traps, inactivates and helps your body naturally remove the cold virus, to reduce the risk of the initial infection developing into a full-blown cold.Its suitable from 12+ so its perfect for Me,Andy and Jack.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a relatively cold free winter

 Amy xx

This post is an entry for the #vickstrickscampaign, all opinions are of course my own x

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  1. Kate Holmes says:

    Lovely to read your traditions. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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