Nan’s Beef Stew

This is the easiest recipe in the world, unfortunately it will never taste as good as my nan’s but it is damn tasty!


  • Carrots – sliced
  • Parsnips – sliced
  • Potatoes – Cubed
  • Swede – cubed
  • Leeks – sliced
  • Onions – sliced
  • Diced stewing beef
  • Gravy granules


This could not be easier! Throw all the above ingredients into a slow cooker or casserole pot, season and add enough water to cover the ingredients. Slow cook all day in the slow cooker or for a few hours in the oven. When the veg are cooked, add gravy granules until you get the sauce consistency you want.

You can of course put whatever veg you like into your stew and tailor the amounts to suit, I normally make a large batch and freeze some.


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