Meal Plan Monday

January 30, 2017

I absolutely love seeing other people’s meal plans, I’m not the sort of person that dedicates certain nights to certain foods so I’m always looking for inspiration for something new to try, and basically I just like to nosy into other people’s lives. I thought I’d start a new little blog post every Monday sharing our meal plan for the week as I know you lot are just as nosy as me! Ava eats the same as us most nights so all the meals should be suitable but if not I’ll let you know. Ava does baby led weaning.


Sunblush tomato spaghetti –  Recipe Here This is super quick, easy, budget friendly and all cooked in one pan. It’s a new recipe for us but im really looking forward to it.


Sticky chicken, savoury rice and salad – This is a firm favourite slimming world meal, recipe Here It does contain honey, so it’s not suitable for babies under one.


Slow cooker sausage casserole – I don’t really have a recipe for this one, it’s more of a bung in whatever we have kind of meal. I will be adding in haricot beans, tinned tomatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips and some herbs, probably thyme.  Ava isn’t a massive fan of veg but she will happily eat it if it’s in a sauce, little madam.


Easy Spanish rice – I found this Recipe Here  on Daisieandpie blog This is another new one on us but I love how quick and easy it sounds, won’t be adding prawns though as we don’t like them.


Hairy Dieters cottage pie – Find the recipe Here I normally just do normal mash on top but the one in the recipe is lovely too.


Thai red chicken curry – I just use a jar of paste, I put a little less than it states in though to keep the heat down for Ava, She normally has some of the chicken and rice.Thai curry is probably one of her favourite meals.


Its Ava’s birthday! We are going out for the day so we will grab food whilst we are out.

Let me know your favourite go to meals, I love trying new things.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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