8 Tips to keep your house tidy with kids

January 23, 2017

Notice how I said tidy and not clean? I read somewhere that there is a very big difference to having a tidy home and a clean home, I’d definitely class mine as tidy rather than clean. I’m not saying I live in filth, just that my house isn’t sparkling and it probably never will be having 2 kids,2 dogs and 2 cats living in it!

I do however keep up with basic hygiene and like my house to look tidy in case we have any unexpected visitors and it just makes me a lot happier not having clutter lying around. Tidying is not easy when you have small children (or big ones that don’t like to leave their room)

how to keep your house tidy with kids


Here are my top tips on keeping your house tidy

  • Buy storage tubs for toys that can be hidden in cupboards/under tables etc. Ikea Kallax storage cubes or similar are amazing. I have them in both kids rooms and in my hallway for shoes. They hide a multitude of sins! Read about my living room toy storage in more detail here
  • Tidy up like a mad woman the second you have chance. As soon as Ava goes for a nap I quickly run round chucking all the toys back into the storage tubs. I know she’s only going to get them all out again when she wakes but for that brief time, the house looks calm and tidy.
  • Utilise any time you have help wisely. At night Andy takes Ava up to get ready for her bath so I use that time to tidy up downstairs and whilst she’s in the bath I tidy her room and put away her laundry.
  • As soon as Ava is asleep for the night, I run the hoover around downstairs whilst Andy does the washing up and cleans the kitchen. It’s all about teamwork! I know I’m lucky to have a husband that helps out but I’m sure everyone can stretch to washing up/wiping sides down.
  • Prepare for the day ahead the night before. We probably spend about 45 minutes before we sit down for the night getting things ready for the next day, We get packed lunches prepared, all washing up done, floors and surfaces cleaned and I sort out the laundry ready to go on in the morning. Trying to do that with a baby is near on impossible so I try to get as much prepared as I can. In the morning I know everywhere is clean and tidy ready for the small one to terrorise the place all over again!
  • Do things as you see them. Rubbish on the floor? pick it up, bin need emptying? do it now, had a shower/ been to the loo? give it a quick wipe down, you’re in there anyway. Doing little jobs as soon as you notice means they don’t turn in to massive jobs that will take up time you don’t have.
  • Get your kids to help out.  Ava is a bit too little at the minute but older kids are definitely capable of helping out with the tidying.
  • Don’t fill your house with loads of stuff! This is a new one to me this year as I am a lover of stuff. But lets face it if there’s less in your house that means less clutter and less to clean, its win win really (and not to mention better for your bank balance)

I’m not a tidy/clean freak by any means. Deep down I’m the girl that puts things in piles in one place and then ‘tidy’s’ them by putting them in piles somewhere else. And some days I really can not be bothered in the slightest BUT I know how everything being a mess really affects my mood and my attitude to life, ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ sounds a bit pretentious but it’s totally true (just ask my husband)

I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier. I’ve recently bought Marie Kondo’s book to have a read through. If you have any other tips let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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3 responses to “8 Tips to keep your house tidy with kids”

  1. Keeping things clean is hard but totally able to be done! It’s just constant picking up. & teaching the kiddos to clean up too! I know all things because of my nanny family.

  2. All such good tips…. can I come and live in your house please?!

  3. Great tips. I think the key is consistency in implementing them – that’s what I find the hardest!

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