Day in the life – Our daily routine

January 13, 2017

As I know a lot of you are nosey buggers like myself, I thought I would share our daily routine with you all. I’ve held off sharing for a while as even though we have always had a routine, up until now it’s always pretty much been Ava led, this worked great for us up until she stopped napping in the afternoon and because of this she was ready for bed at 4.30! Now things are pretty much set in stone, here it is..

  • 7.00 I get Jack up for school, sort breakfast out and things for the day and get myself ready. Jack walks to school.
  • 8.00 I get Ava up, changed and dressed and we go downstairs for breakfast.
  • 9.00 – 11.30 We play,sing,read books, go to the park or on some days we go to a playgroup.
  • 11.30/12 Lunch time!
  • 12 – 2ish Nap time, Ava generally has 2 hours but some days it can be a bit less.
  • 2-3 Desperate attempt at playing with all the toys to keep her entertained until daddy gets home.
  • 3.00 Finally get to enjoy a cup of tea in peace whilst Andy plays with Ava.
  • 4.00 We all eat dinner together, some days Jack is with his dad after school.
  • 5.00 Bathtime, Ava loves the bath and will happily play for ages, we normally get her out after roughly 20 minutes.
  • 5.45 Milk and bedtime, she loves sleep (don’t hate me please) so she’s normally asleep by 6.

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After that it’s a mad rush to get everywhere tidied up and lunches done for the next day so we can enjoy a few hours of Netflix and chilling, no funny business here, when I say chilling I mean chilling (looking at my phone)

If anyone’s interested I’ll be doing some more posts on things like our bedtime routine and mealtimes so look out for those.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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