Why I want to live a simpler life

January 4, 2017

Basically I’m a spender, a massive spender, not on anything in particular just absolute crap. If I’m honest my spending is completely out of control, It affects my life quite a bit and I’ve racked up a debt which I need a debt company to help me manage (yep it’s that bad) I buy things for the sake of it,not because I need them, yet when there’s something significant we need, I put off buying it because I don’t want to spend the money    ..makes perfect sense right?? My relationship with money is far from healthy.I’m forever moaning about how I’ve got too much stuff so I get rid of loads yet I keep buying more, it’s a vicious cycle!


Before Christmas I started delving into the idea of simplifying our lives and really stripping back on the spending. It’s more important than ever that we make some changes this year as my maternity pay has ended and we have made the decision that I won’t be returning to work, whilst as it stands this is financially viable it means cutting back on family days out/holidays etc, that’s not something I want to miss out on so the spending has got to stop! I’ve had enough of being consumed by material things, I want to focus on the little things and making memories with my family.



Im currently reading the life changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo and so far I’m loving it and can’t wait to make a start of decluttering once and for all. I’ve also been watching lots of videos on YouTube on minimalism, it’s definitely the direction I want to take things.I shall keep you updated on the changes I make and how I’m getting on.


Anyone else feel like they need a massive lifestyle change this year?

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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  1. Abby says:

    Yes!!! So far I’ve done the kitchen and I now want to do every room in the house. So satisfying, and as the saying goes. A tidy house is a tidy mind! Xx

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