Not New Years resolutions

December 14, 2016

Just throwing this out there but I don’t do New Years resolutions, personally I believe if you want to change something in your life then you can do that any day, you absolutely do not need to wait until January 1st to make a change. If they work for you, great 👍🏻 this is just my little opinion on them. With that in mind instead of resolutions I have goals that I want to achieve hopefully by the end of next year,Some of which I’ve already made a start on. Here’s a little list of my new year goals.

  • Continue blog and grow my blog, have set days for blog posts and plan my posts in advance.
  • Save money – I say this every month and I’m rubbish at not spending money but we have some house renovations we would like to do next year so saving must be done!
  • Declutter my life – Sounds a bit drastic but I’m sure everyone could do with doing this. I own too much stuff, I’m ‘friends’ with people on Facebook that I haven’t spoke to in 18 years and I’m clinging on to some serious emotional baggage, it’s all gotta go.
  • Live a simpler life – This is something I’m really interested in, as I said above I own too much and I spend too much when there’s really no need, I intend to do some research on living a simple life and taking steps towards that way of living. I’m a serious impulse spender and if I ever want to have any money for the important stuff then I need to make a change.
  • Eat healthier – Not going to sugar coat it I’m a bit of a fatty, I love food but as with my spending I take it to the extreme. So over the coming year I’d like to take steps to becoming a much healthier person and a better role model for my children. Losing 4 stone would be nice but my main aim is to feel healthier.
  • Continue spending time with family – This was my main goal this year and I’m pleased to say I achieved it, we have had some lovely  days together.  I’d like to plan some days out and mini breaks for next year. I did this this year instead of going on holiday, Ava’s only 11 months old so we haven’t braved an abroad holiday yet (that’s my goal for 2018) so instead I plan on booking a few mini breaks, I’d like to go to Brighton, Edinburgh and back to centre parcs and Wales. I’m also planning plenty of day trips to zoos,farms etc. Now they Ava is older she will absolutely love them.

So there you go nothing too unachievable, do you have any goals/plans for the new year?

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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