10 month update

December 6, 2016

It’s scary to think that Ava will be one year old in 2 months, craziness! She’s already turning into a sassy almost toddler, she knows her own mind and certainly doesn’t let anything get in her way, she’s becoming more independent by the day and is always standing up. She has no idea what her feet do so I don’t think she’s going to be walking anytime soon though.

Ava has 4 teeth now with possibly another on the way, and she finally says mama, not as often as dada but it’s a start! She is developing such a cheeky little personality, she’s such a funny little character and is always making us laugh.

Food wise, her taste buds are developing and she’s starting to work out what she does and doesn’t like, and anything that doesn’t cut it get immediately flung on the floor. It’s makes me laugh how much she’s like me at times, she eats everything separate like i do but she’s not keen on veg unless it’s in some kind of sauce.

I don’t feel like there’s much to write down actually, this month is kinda like those annoying story filler episodes in the walking dead, the ones that don’t do a lot but you know they are working up to something huge!

Next time I write an update, Ava will have had her first Christmas! I’m so excited, not that she will have a clue what’s going on but I’m sure she will love playing with her new toys. I’ve got a blog post coming up soon on what I’ve bought her so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx


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