Christmas book advent calendar

December 1, 2016

As Ava is only just coming up to 10 months we decided to not go down the traditional chocolate calendar route this year, she’s really too young to understand any of it so we went for a book advent instead, at least this way she will get a bit more out of it rather than suddenly wondering why I’m giving her chocolate for breakfast! I’m not the mom police and have nothing against the sweetie kind (I’ve got a Malteser one for myself) I just though this would be more exciting for Ava given her age.

On to the books I picked, she’s got a good mix of traditional story books and board books to look forward too. I got her 10 story ones from The Works, they had 10 for £10 on their website, the usboure touchy-feely ones and dear santa were from sainsburys, the dearest one being the nativity one at £4.99, Mog I bought last Christmas when the Sainsbury’s advert came out, stickman and night before Christmas were my sons old books so they are extra special. I wrapped them in plain parcel paper and popped a little sleeps till Christmas sticker on which I got for about £1.50 off Amazon. The best thing is as Ava will be too little to remember these, I can wrap them all back up for next year!

So here’s the list of books we have

  1. That’s not my snowman
  2. The smiley snowman
  3. Peppa’s Christmas wish
  4. Mrs pepperpots Christmas
  5. Puppy’s first Christmas
  6. That’s not my reindeer
  7.  The sheep that saved Christmas
  8. Snowy animals
  9. That’s not my fairy
  10. Little ducks first Christmas
  11. The Christmas bear
  12. The magical Christmas
  13. The nutcracker
  14. The nativity
  15. Alfie’s Christmas
  16. The busy night
  17. Dear santa
  18. Stick man
  19. That’s not my angel
  20. Mogs Christmas
  21. Thats’s not my elf
  22. Jingle bells
  23. That’s not my santa
  24.  The night before Christmas


Happy first day of Christmas!!

Love Amy xx

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