Food diary of a 10 month old

Before I start I just want to make clear I am not the mom police, this post is not here to tell you what and when to feed your child. I spend a lot of time reading up on what other moms do to get ideas for myself, so I thought I’d write a post to help anyone like me wondering what everyone else is feeding their children.

Ava is just over 10 months old and this is what she has on an average day. We do baby led weaning so everything is suitable for that, we do however help her out and spoon feed her when it comes to eating trickier things like Weetabix and yoghurt, this way works out best for us, nothing is puréed.Our main meals are usually home cooked purely because I enjoy cooking.She is offered water throughout the day and at lunch and dinner times.



Cereal – usually shredded wheat/shreddies/cheerios


7oz formula

Other ideas – Toast/porridge/eggs/eggy bread/porridge fingers/pancakes


My go to lunch

Cheese spread sandwich

Veg or fruit – usually tomatoes

A few veg crisps, normally the organix ones


Other ideas – pasta with hidden veg sauce/cheese sauce, omelette, savoury muffins, savoury scones, savoury rice cakes and cheese.


Ava has whatever we eat as long as it’s suitable, I freeze a lot of things like spaghetti Bolognese, chilli, cottage pie,tuna croquettes and stew in Ava sized portions for the days when she can’t have our dinner.

We normally give her a fruit pouch or a Ella’s kitchen pudding for desert.


7oz bottle of formula

Emergency/can’t be arsed days

We all have those days when we can’t be bothered or we are too busy and don’t have time to cook up a meal. For those days I keep the freezer stocked with things like fish fingers, flipper dippers, waffles, ready cooked chicken and lots of frozen veg. I keep some tins of vegetable ravioli in the cupboard for quick lunches too.

I also like to keep things like ricecakes and baby biscuits on hand too for emergency meltdown situations.

If there’s any recipes you’d like to see or have any questions please let me know.

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx


You know you’re a parent when…..

  • You and your partner drop quotes from Peppa Pig into everyday conversation. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones that shout ‘MOOOO! LETS DIG UP THE ROAD!!’ to each other for no reason at all….just us???shit.


  • You have debates about that bloody pink pig or Ben and Holly. Why does Miss rabbit have so many jobs, I hope she’s declaring them all? Why is Peppa such a little shit? Why do the elves have to announce are elves all the time, umm hello we can see that, shove your horn back in! Why can’t all ladybirds be like Gaston?


  • And let’s not forget all those time you’ve been sat still watching kids TV AFTER they have gone to bed, or how sometimes you refer to each other as mommy pig and daddy pig…. that just us too? Double shit.


  • You have a whole host of random baby related things shoved in your pocket,bag,car. I took 3 separate socks out of my pocket the other day, why are they there? and where the hell are their matching pairs? There’s been a sock rolling round andy’s car for about a week now, it doesn’t match any of the pocket socks so it can stay there a bit longer. And my bag resembles a food graveyard, full of half eaten bags of bribery, I mean snacks…


  • Your google search history is alarming. We have all been there, 3 am, googling is my child normal? Why won’t they sleep? Why is my baby going bald? Is green poo normal? How to sell my child on EBay… maybe not that one but I bet you’ve all considered at some point. Step away from google ladies and gents, it’s a bad bad place.


  • You celebrate the most ridiculous things your child does like they’ve won an oscar, oh my god she just picked up a pea! Quick get a photo! I need to tell Instagram about my amazing baby! (I’ve done that post) Oh you’re soooo clever! Like no one else in the world can pick up a flipping pea!


  • You start to wonder if you can die from tiredness (that’s another one for google) If I could go back in time and slap pre Ava me, I would. You don’t know real tiredness till you have a small baby to contend with. Even though Ava likes sleep (for now) being at your babies beck and call all day is bloody knackering.


  • You’re wearing jeans with holes in because you’re too stingy to buy yourself new ones yet your child has a new outfit for everyday of the week, go figure.


  • And lastly you spend all your time when they are not there talking about them or looking at pictures of them just because you love them so bloody much. If someone says something nice about my kids I have to hold back the tears, I get so overwhelmed by my love for them that I become an emotional wreck…ok I might already be one but seriously I am incredibly proud to be their mama.



Thanks for reading, hopefully some of you will relate to a few of these.

Love Amy xx


Not New Years resolutions

Just throwing this out there but I don’t do New Years resolutions, personally I believe if you want to change something in your life then you can do that any day, you absolutely do not need to wait until January 1st to make a change. If they work for you, great 👍🏻 this is just my little opinion on them. With that in mind instead of resolutions I have goals that I want to achieve hopefully by the end of next year,Some of which I’ve already made a start on. Here’s a little list of my new year goals.

  • Continue blog and grow my blog, have set days for blog posts and plan my posts in advance.
  • Save money – I say this every month and I’m rubbish at not spending money but we have some house renovations we would like to do next year so saving must be done!
  • Declutter my life – Sounds a bit drastic but I’m sure everyone could do with doing this. I own too much stuff, I’m ‘friends’ with people on Facebook that I haven’t spoke to in 18 years and I’m clinging on to some serious emotional baggage, it’s all gotta go.
  • Live a simpler life – This is something I’m really interested in, as I said above I own too much and I spend too much when there’s really no need, I intend to do some research on living a simple life and taking steps towards that way of living. I’m a serious impulse spender and if I ever want to have any money for the important stuff then I need to make a change.
  • Eat healthier – Not going to sugar coat it I’m a bit of a fatty, I love food but as with my spending I take it to the extreme. So over the coming year I’d like to take steps to becoming a much healthier person and a better role model for my children. Losing 4 stone would be nice but my main aim is to feel healthier.
  • Continue spending time with family – This was my main goal this year and I’m pleased to say I achieved it, we have had some lovely  days together.  I’d like to plan some days out and mini breaks for next year. I did this this year instead of going on holiday, Ava’s only 11 months old so we haven’t braved an abroad holiday yet (that’s my goal for 2018) so instead I plan on booking a few mini breaks, I’d like to go to Brighton, Edinburgh and back to centre parcs and Wales. I’m also planning plenty of day trips to zoos,farms etc. Now they Ava is older she will absolutely love them.

So there you go nothing too unachievable, do you have any goals/plans for the new year?

Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx


Christmas Party Make-up

I don’t get many opportunities to get glammed up these days so I’ve been really excited about going to Andy’s work Christmas party, yep a night out minus children, wearing nice make-up, and clothes that don’t have dirty fingerprints all over them – what a joy!

Heres a little round up of my Christmas party look




New CID I-prime  If I’m honest I don’t used primer very often so I’ve had this one for a year now, I only use it on special occasions but I’ve read it has good reviews on daily wear.

Estée Lauder double wear foundation  I don’t wear any other foundation other than this, I’ve tried others but as of yet I haven’t found any as good, it lasts from day to night and is just fab. Yes it’s pricey but a little goes a long way.

Collection lasting perfection concealer The holy grail of budget concealers, this stuff is fab at hiding any dark circles or red patches, and at £3.99 it’s a must have.

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder I purchased this the other day purely for my Christmas party make-up and I can definitely say it helped combat the one too many free wines ‘glow’ and kept my make up looking good all night.

Urban Decay naked flushed I forgot to photograph this one whoops! I use this blush palette all the time, I’m not good with contouring and things like that so this is just a really easy to use bronzer/highlight/blush all in one.

Eyes and Brows



Urban Decay Naked 2 Day to day I don’t really wear much in the way of eyeshadow so any excuse to get my naked palettes out and I’m happy. My outfit was black with gold spots so I decided to do a gold eye and naked 2 has the most gold tone eye shadows in. I used Bootycall, half baked and snakebite.

Kat Von D tattoo liner I love this eyeliner, I’ve only got a mini at the minute but I definitely intend to re buy it, I find it really easy to use (I’m not great when it comes to eyeliner) and it lasts ages.

Maybelline lash sensational mascara This is the only mascara I use currently, It separates and really lifts my lashes and with a couple of coats it looks like I’m wearing false lashes, love it.

Benefit goof proof brow pencil I originally got this as a freebie in a magazine but it’s definitely something I will be repurchasing, in fact I don’t use any other brow product now I have this. It is so easy to use even for someone who’s a bit crap at getting perfect brows, this definitely helps.




Barry M satin superslick lip paint – Berry liscious. Totally in love with this lipstick shade, I will definitely be trying other shades out.

Barry M lip liner  – Red. I didn’t use this one on the night as I decided to go with a slightly darker lip than planned however I used it the night before and it’s such a great combination with the above.





Essie Toggle to the top Red and glitter, what says Christmas more than that?

Barry M molten metal nail paint – Bronze Bae. I used this as an accent colour but it’s such a fab colour I’m going to do all my nails in it for Christmas.


I will probably use the same look for Christmas Day too, unless santa brings me any nice new makeup 💄




Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

















I had some baby free time today… sort of, Ava fell asleep in the car so my dad stayed with her whilst I skipped gleefully towards to shops alone. I’ve got a meal out with some playgroup moms tomorrow and andy’s work Christmas party Saturday so I wanted to pick up some new make up items and a couple of pamper bits in preparation for the big night, as a stay at home mom I don’t get a works party so I’m taking andy’s one very seriously!

First up – make up

Barry M satin superslick lip paint £4.99

I bought shade berry liscious, this was a total impulse purchase! I  basically bought the shade that the model on the point of sale was wearing, it’s a plum colour which she was wearing with a red lip liner (3)  which I also bought, this colour will go perfectly with my outfit tomorrow.

Collection lasting perfection concealer £3.99

This is a regular purchase of mine, it completely blows some of its pricier opponents out the water and certainly helps cover the ‘mumbags’ that have taken permanent residence on my face.

Rimmel stay matte pressed power £3.99

I recently saw this on a list of beauty must haves, this is the first powder I’ve ever bought and I’m not totally convinced I need it, however I decided to give it a go for the Christmas party as I thought it might help combat that one too many wines ‘glow’

Barry M molten metals nail paint  £3.99

This is actually sort of what I went in for, I wanted a gold nail varnish and this one is perfect, the shade is actually bronze bae but it goes on a little more gold than bronze I’d say, I’m planning on pairing it with a dark metallic red nail varnish, proper festive nails!


Beauty Buys

Garnier moisture bomb gel-cream on offer for £5.33

I’ve tried the moisture bomb sheet masks and really like it so when I saw this on Katie’s sanctuary blog, read her review here I decided to give it a go. I don’t take as much care of my skin as I should and it can get a bit dull and old so I’m hoping this will inject some much needed life back into it ( laying off the junk food might help too!) I will do a follow up post once I’ve trialled it out.

Boots ingredients sheet mask on offer for £2

I love a face mask! Nothing says pamper quite like a face mask does it? Sheet masks are fairly new to me and so far I’ve only tried the garnier moisture bomb, other than the fact they look like something from a horror movie and my husband laughs at me, I really like them, there’s no mess and they actually feel like they are doing something. I went for Charcoal and Willow bark cleansing and purifying mask, my skin is prone to break outs so I  thought the purifying one would be best for me. I’ve used it tonight and my skin feels really soft, I’ll definitely be repurchasing in the future.

Sanctuary spa salt scrub £1.75 a sachet

Why I don’t own the large jar of this I don’t know! (Please Santa) This stuff is amazing, my skin feels ridiculously soft after using this. You can put it on and shower off or relax in the bath and let it melt into the bath and out you come with silky smooth skin, it also smells amazing to so win win!


Hopefully after a bit of pampering I shall be Christmas party ready! Bring on the proscecco!


Love Amy xx