9 months of Ava

November 15, 2016

Erm I’m pretty sure I only write her 8 month update a few days ago??? Where the heck has that month gone and where the hell has my baby gone?! Ava is at a bit of a funny age I think, she’s not really a baby anymore but she not quite a toddler either so there’s a lot of frustrated crying going on, she wants to be off walking but she’s about as steady on her feet as me on a night out i.e she ends up on her arse a lot or sometimes her face.

9 months old

  • she has mastered crawling on her hands and knees however she forgets that she can,so goes back to army crawling.
  • she weighs 18lb 4 now.
  • she can pull her self up on things but gets scared of getting back down, cue the cries for help
  • she can wave,clap,give kisses, and do the hand gestures for twinkle twinkle
  • she says dada, hiya and occasionally mama and likes to shout yeah a lot. She babbles 100mph and I have no idea what she’s saying!
  • she can walk pushing her walker but only if you hold the walker, otherwise she pushes it, forgets to move her feet and face plants it.
  • Ava loves dancing and will dance to just about anything including the washing machine.
  • she continues to eat food like she has a bottomless pit for a stomach, only thing we have found she doesn’t like so far is mushy peas
  • She loves reading her ‘that’s not my…’ books.
  • Hates having her nappy changed or lying down in general, she does not keep still!
  • She has 3 almost 4 teeth, 2 at the bottom and she’s very close to having 2 at the top.
  • she likes to point at everything

She is such a funny little girl and never fails to make us smile, can’t wait to see what the next month brings. IMG_7454.JPG

Love Amy xxx

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