Hooray for half term – October 2016

October 31, 2016

Now I know a lot of people dread half term, I was one of those people but as your children get older half term becomes the only time you get to see them. Jack is 12 now and at high school, he leaves the house at 7.45 and depending on what after school activities he has on sometimes we don’t see him untill 7 that night, and then unless there’s something we all watch on tv he will disappear off to his room to play on the Xbox with his mates. He spends Saturdays with his dad so really we only get to see him Sundays and im sure the time will come soon when he would much rather be with his mates than us – sad times. I also love half term because there’s no manic rushing around at 7 making sure he’s got everything he needs for the day!

With small children it can be a tough job keeping them entertained in the holidays and not making your self bankrupt in the process. As much as you want to tear your hair out by the end of the week, just remember, there will come a time when they will no longer want to spend their days with you and you wish you could spend more time with them (not going to lie though, there are definitely times when I’m glad he’s buggered off to his mates, there’s only so many times you can listen to someone talk about Pokemon for!

I thought I’d do a little blog on how we have spent our week, not all of it has been with jack though – see I told you, but my husband had time off work too so we have had lots of family time, I hope you get some ideas of some low cost activities to keep the littles entertained and if you have any other ideas let me know in the comments, so here’s what we have been up to….

Monday – A trip to the park

We are lucky that there are two fairly big parks in our town, the main one has a large duck pond, play area and some cages with recued animals in, there are birds, guinea pigs and bunnies, the animal rescue has been in the park since I was a little girl so it’s lovely to bring my children here now. Ava loves animals so this is the perfect free place to take her, plus she would happily spend all day on the swings. Jack had a sleepover at his friends house, judging by how many times he fell asleep in the car on tuesday, I’m not sure there was much sleeping going on.

Tuesday – Costa and Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice was not a planned thing at all you can read how we ended up going there in my blog here. Other than that we had a little mooch around the shops with my dad and a costa at Jacks request.


Wednesday – Pumpkin picking and Waterworld

Jack left us to go to waterworld with his dad and he took a friend along too for the first time, they had a lot of fun, if you don’t have a waterworld it’s basically a big indoor waterpark. As Andy was off work we took Ava to a pumpkin patch, we went to one last year that was at a pick your own farm and although it was good it was a bit commercial, I think we may go again at the weekend though because the farm shop is really nice. The pumpkin patch today however was like the pumpkin patch of dreams, I wish halloween was as big in the UK as it is in America, this farm definitely fulfilled my halloween pumpkin picking needs tough.

Thursday – Pumpkin carving

We decided to have a day in the house carving the pumpkins we picked yesterday, we each had a pumpkin to carve and I gave Ava some tiny pumpkins to play with, somehow I ended up carving everyone else’s go figure! I like the idea of carving pumpkins but my god it’s hard work, maybe next year I will paint them! img_7284

Friday – Absolutely nothing

Friday we did nothing, it was a very well deserved chill out day! IMG_7293.JPG


We have had a lovely half term, I hope you have too.

Love Amy xxx

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