Disney On Ice- Frozen

October 27, 2016


Something a bit exciting..

On Tuesday we were given the opportunity to go to Disney On Ice – Frozen, V.I.P style at the Barclaycard arena in Birmingham thanks to  mothers meetings uk , I very nearly missed it as the email went to my junk box, so check your junk people! I would be kicking myself now if I had missed out as I absolutely LOVE Disney. I ummed and arred about taking Ava as normally she’s asleep by 5 (for a baby, she likes her sleep, don’t hate me!) and that was the time we had to be there, but how could I not take my little Disney princess in training? She had a snooze on the way over in the car and managed amazingly with the rest of the night, shes a good ‘un (most of the time) I also took my Frozen hating husband and 12-year-old son, they loved it but don’t tell them I told you that!

I have been to Disney On Ice once before and it was amazing, so I was really looking forward to going again. We arrived at 5.15 to collect our V.I.P tickets along with some other lovely mommies like BrummyMummyof2 and MummyPiggles eeek! I’d like to say I went over and chatted but instead I chickened out like the complete idiot that I am! Hopefully if I ever get the chance again I will be a bit braver. It’s a bit scary meeting people with such a large following, you can check out brummymummyof2 YouTube channel hereBrummyMummyof2 Youtube , her videos and vlogs are fab although be warned, they are no good if you have a slight shopping addiction like myself! And if you want a smile putting on your face check out mummypiggles Instagram page, her posts are so funny!

When we arrived we were shown to a private bar area where complimentary sandwiches,fresh fruit, healthy kiddy snacks and drinks had been laid out, there were also colouring pages for the children. After a short while we were called up stairs to see some special guests! Anna and Elsa were up there waiting to meet you and have a photo taken, obviously I got in the photo with Ava, what girl doesn’t want a photo with a couple of Disney princesses. They fussed over Ava and I held back the tears, yes I’m one of those weirdos that cries when I’m happy, don’t judge! We were also given a goody bag, everyone loves a goody bag, it contained a Sven beanie baby,show guide and colouring book – totally having that for myself.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The show itself is truly spectacular, completely magical, there were even fireworks! I was amazed at how much of the film they managed to recreate.The cast were all fantastic and to begin with some well loved Disney characters also made an appearance. Ava loved having a little dance to all the songs and I’m pretty sure Jack was impressed with the ice-skating and stage show. Disney On Ice is a must for any fan, and the V.I.P tickets certainly make little girls and boys (and big ones) dreams come true.

We loved it so much we are going to make it a yearly Christmas tradition to see Disney On Ice.


Love Amy xx

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