8 months of Ava

October 14, 2016

Hello again, yet again I’m sat here wondering how on earth my little squidge is now 8 months old. To say it’s gone quick is quite an understatement! Sooo what has Ava been up to…


The week before Ava turned 8 months I was convinced I would have nothing to write about and then as if by magic overnight she learnt to crawl, it’s slightly painful watching her crawl, it’s not the most graceful thing I’ve ever seen and is more of a one armed army crawl than a proper crawl. She now has 2 teeth at the bottom and I’m sure the top 2 will be making an appearance soon (teething fairy, please be kind) she loves dancing and will start dancing as soon as she hears music or if you ask her to dance, she also dances at strangers to get their attention lol such a little madam. She can wave hello and goodbye and clap when you ask her too and I’m pretty sure she attempted to kiss me earlier, so cute!


Ava loves food, we haven’t found anything she doesn’t like yet, cheese and broccoli seem to be firm favourites but she really is just a bottomless pit. She does a lot of talking, we haven’t got a clue what she’s trying to say but it’s funny to listen too. As for actual words, she says hiya and daddy but refuses to attempt to say mama – typical.image

Ava loves animals, we have 2 cats and 2 dogs and there’s nothing she loves more than chasing after them and I always know when she’s going after them because she starts laughing. We love going to the farm and going to see the ducks. Ava loves her snugly blankets and goes to sleep sucking on them, they do not smell pretty! Her favourite programmes are Peppa pig, Ben and holly and paw patrol. She loves teddies and Lamaze toys. Her big brother is probably her favourite person, she absolutely adores him ❤️image

As for dislikes, there’s not much she doesn’t like but if you take something away from her all hell will break loose, especially if it’s something she shouldn’t have!image

In one month she has changed sooo much, I can’t wait to see what she will learn next month.image Love Amy xx

2 responses to “8 months of Ava”

  1. sarah drake says:

    This is fantastic! I can’t believe how you’ve been beavering away writing all this in secret. I’ve really enjoyed reading then all (I can hear you saying it as I read it)
    Well done Mrs! Keep up the good work x

  2. Amy Mighalls says:

    Thank you xx

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