Our weaning journey

September 11, 2016

Baby led wtf???

Our weaning journey has had quite a few ups and downs so far! We first gave Ava a taste of food after she had turned 17 weeks, in hindsight I wish I had waited a bit longer but at the time she was happily eating the veg purées we offered her, she had good head control and could sit up straight with support so I thought she was ready – wrong.

Before we started weaning we decided that we would make all of Ava’s purées, so off I went to buy all the books and equipment, all the gear and no idea springs to mind. At first she ate everything we gave her but then a few weeks down the line it all went tits up. She became very fussy,she wouldn’t eat anything I made her, I tried shop bought jars and they made her gag, the only thing she would eat was Ella’s kitchen pouches but even with those she would mess about putting her hands in the spoon and generally getting it everywhere. It became a very stressful time and not how I’d imagined it at all,and for someone with control issues that’s not good at all!

We took a much needed little break from weaning, this also made me realise we had rushed into and she really wasn’t ready at all. Around this time I saw some of the lovely mamas I follow on Instagram doing baby led weaning, I’d heard of this previously and quite honestly I thought it was ridiculous, the thought of a baby messing and smearing food everywhere was enough to break me out in a sweat! Seeing how much their babies enjoyed it though spurred me on to looking into it a bit more and trying it out. We started off giving Ava big chunks of soft foods like banana and avocado, and she loved it! Her little face was so full of wonder and intrigue, I love watching her explore new things.

I bought The baby led weaning cookbook by Gill Rapley, if you are considering baby led weaning I’d definitely recommend checking this book out, there’s lots of information and recipes to get you started.We started when Ava was just shy of 6 months and generally just gave her big chunks of soft food, mainly veg and bits from whatever meal we were eating, surprisingly even with the mess it’s been much less stressful and generally enjoyable other than the morning I gave her Weetabix, im sure part of my soul died that morning!

To begin with she was definitely just playing and exploring the food we gave her whilst having a good old gum on it too, please don’t be concerned if you have chose to do baby led weaning and your little one isn’t eating much, keep going with it and all of a sudden they will suddenly just get it and start munching away. Ava has just turned 7 months and we are so proud of her, I cut things in to little bite size pieces now and she picks them up and scoffs the lot, even peas – mega proud mama moment!

I will do a follow up post with what Ava eats and when as I always find seeing what other people are doing a massive help.


Love Amy xxx

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