7 months of Ava

September 7, 2016

So I’ve been a rubbish blogger haven’t I?! Life has well and truly got in the way and any me time has gone out the window, but I’ve realised recently I really need to make time for myself so hopefully I will be posting regularly, that’s the plan anyway!


7 months of Ava

Like every other parent I’m sat here wondering where the hell the last 7 months have gone and how has my tiny little squish turned into a noisy,cheeky,attention seeking little diva! I love watching her learn new skills, she has one tooth,she can say dada (all the time) wave, sort of clap, roll all over and sit up by herself, her idea of crawling leaves a little to be desired though – there’s a lot of face planting going on! She literally amazes me everyday, she’s such a cheeky little character and a complete free spirit, god help us when she’s older! I’m going to have my hands full I think.


Mmmmmm Mommas birthday cake

Ava is turning into such a good little eater – just like her mother 🐷 We have been doing baby led weaning (I will do a separate post about that) it’s been really enjoyable so far and I’m glad we have stuck with it. Just this week her pincer¬†grip has developed and food is now being gobbled up.


Noodle head!

We have had a fun filled summer whilst Jack has been off school,we have enjoyed a rather rainy holiday to Wales with my dad and trips to Drayton manor,Amerton farm,Monkey forest and Threntham gardens. Family time really is the best.


Summer is on its way out and Jack is back at school, it’s been lovely having him home especially for his help entertaining Ava, no idea what I’m going to do without him now though. I’m really looking forward to the next few months and hopefully i will remember to post about what we have been up to.


7 months old


Amy & Ava xxx

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