My birth story

March 24, 2016

I gave birth to a beautiful little girl 12 weeks ago, at the time her birth was such a shock but now I’ve calmed down a bit I realise it was actually pretty good as births go! I really wanted to start a blog to remind myself of all the little details of our journey through life, it’s crazy the amount of things I can’t remember about my son’s birth and early years (It was 12 years ago and my memory is pretty shocking!) so I really wanted something to look back on in years to come.

So Ava’s birth..

I had my son at 37 weeks so stupidly I’d prepared to have Ava early ha! The little madam kept me waiting a week over my due date and my God had I had enough by that point! I was slightly terrified about giving birth this time round as my first birth wasn’t that great and I expected this to go in a similar way, with my son Jack my waters broke at midnight Wednesday and he wasn’t born until midday on the Thursday, by that point I’d been given every drug going and he had to be helped out with forceps so I have no memory of what giving birth was actually like! Because of how long my labour was I had to stay in hospital for a few days after, which I hated. This time round I chose to go to a local midwife led unit with a birthing pool and to only have gas and air and I was really hoping to only have to stay there for one night.

At 10pm on Thursday the 4th Feb my waters went not long after I had got into bed, I thought they might go at night as they had with my son but I was not prepared for the amount, it was ridiculous! My husband likens it to a tidal wave 😂 I rang the MLU who advised my to come in to get checked so as you do I put my make up on and did my hair! We got there at about half 11 and I was examined but not having contractions close enough so I was advised to go home, we live about 20 minutes away so I was fine with this. I thought I was in for the long haul like with Jack so I was more than happy to continue the labor at home but as we drove home the contractions were getting closer eeek! My contractions with Ava were nothing like what I remember with Jack, this time they felt like loads of pressure rather than period type pains. I went back at about 2am as they were getting more painful and closer together but I was told I was only 1cm dilated, I’m pretty sure I cried at that point! We stayed until half 4 when we were advised to go back home and I was booked in for an induction at the hospital the next evening. I tried to sleep at home but the pain and pressure really kicked up a notch and by 7 I was begging my husband to take me back in and it’s a bloody good job he did!

We arrived at the MLU at half 7 and the pain I was in was horrendous, I wanted gas and air now! I was examined and told I was 5cm but baby wasn’t quite in the right position, I think she must of heard because I had one almighty contraction after that, I was now begging for gas and air haha! It was wheeled in to me and I was told to walk around and the midwife left, I stood up but the pressure and pain suddenly got pretty intense, I shouted at my husband to get her back, she quickly finished filling the birthing pool and helped me in and left again but as soon as I leant up the side of the pool I knew something was happening so I screamed for her to come back!

My body totally took over at that point and it was all a bit of a blur, my body was pushing her out and I had no control over it whatsoever, I couldn’t hold on to the side of the pool and take the gas and air at the same time (I’m a terrible multi-tasker) so my only coping method was to scream at every push! I tried to stop my self screaming but I couldn’t, at one point I sobbed to the midwives that I was sorry for screaming haha my husband said the noise was like something possessed! I thought I had pushed her head out but they told me it wasn’t quite out, I was ready to throw the towel in there and then and said I couldn’t do it but with the next 2 pushes she was out, thank god for that!

She was then passed through my legs and I was helped to sit down, I barely remember any of this time and I have no recollection of my husband cutting the cord, I was completely in shock over the whole thing, she was born just 1 hour 20 mins after getting there so I’m definitely glad we left home when we did! I had a 2nd degree tear which had to be stitched so I finally got to make use of the gas and air. I’m pretty sure I was high on the adrenaline at that point but I felt amazing, I had her at 8.50am and by 10.30 I was showered,dressed and ready to go home. We waited for Ava’s checks and to be signed off and that was that, by 4.30pm we were back home. How quick she came and how little control I had of my body really shocked me but I realise now that I had such a positive birth experience and I’m incredibly proud of myself, I really hope that If we are lucky enough to have another baby the birth goes as smoothly as this one (fingers crossed) next time I might pack earplugs for everyone though!!


  Thanks for reading

Love Amy xx

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